• VEGA 1/0317/19 - Research and development of new smart solutions based on the principles of Industry 4.0, logistics, 3D modelling and simulation for streamlining production in the mining and building industry

  • KEGA 016TUKE-4/2020 - Projects of applied research as a means for development of new models of education in the study program of industrial logistics

  • 20220 PHEIDIAS - An innovative hydrometallurgical recycling system for PGMs recovery

  • 19007 MineTALC - Backfill Mining Optimisation for Low- and Medium- Strength Deposits

  • VEGA 1/0797/20 - Quantification of the impacts of the environmental burden on the regions of Slovakia on the health, social and economic system of the country

  • VEGA 1/0588/21 - Research and development of new methods based on the principles of modeling, logistics and simulation in managing the interaction of raw material mining processes and the establishment of mining units with regard to economic efficiency and safety of raw material extraction

  • VEGA 1/0430/22 - Research, development and concept development of new solutions based on TestBed in the context of Industry 4.0 to streamline production and logistics for Mining 4.0